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Features of GARMIN Devices



Voice assisted navigation let's you take control of your GPS device with your voice while your hands are on the steering wheel. This ensure safety and a whole new and easy way to interact with your device.



Bluetooth technology provide wireless connectivity for hands free calling. Also it frees you from managing wires and cables for connectivity and with comfortable range.



Easily find or search places up ahead on the go. Places like food, gas stations, ATM's etc. without leaving the current running navigation screen. Garmin comes packed with all the important places pre-installed with regular updates.



Garmin is packed with feature to display realistic view of junctions and interchanges along your route. It also displays surrounding landscape to have a better idea of the place.

Support provided by us for Garmin devices

Garmin support is just one call away, call now on our toll free number +1-855-585-8598 now and get the best support service for your Garmin devices

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Best Garmin device support service in USA/Canada

Garmin is leading manufacturer for navigation devices used worldwide for personal as well as commercial uses. Garmin is used by trucking companies to keep track of their vehicles to ensure real time update and on time delivery as well as helps driver to find the best possible route to their destination. Garmin comes pack with latest map with all important places loaded in it. Garmin offers a lot of devices with different features hence choosing one that fits your usage is necessary. Although after buying setting up a new Garmin device is a cumbersome task as it require manual work that should be done by a certified technician as any hardware or software issue created during installation by user will void the warranty of your brand new device. We have a group of certified experts who takes pride in helping customers setup their device as well provide support for your old Garmin navigation device. If you are using an old Garmin navigation device then it is highly recommended to update the maps regularly as there is a lot added in the world frequently and staying updated is absolute required if you commute regularly. Garmin support is just a single call away from you. We make sure you will always be connected directly to a technician, they will ask about the details related to the issue you are facing and will provide you the quickest possible resolution. To serve our customers better we provide support service 24X7. Our technicians are trained to handle every kind of issue that a Garmin device may give so feel free to contact us for any issue you are facing with your Garmin navigation device. The process of getting technical support is extremely easy, you can just call on our toll free number +1-855-585-8598 now and get the best support service for your Garmin devices

Top GARMIN Devices we provide support for


2539 LMT

5" Screen equipped with pinch-to-zoom, Pre installed detailed maps of north America with free lifetime map updates and traffic avoidance direct access simplifies navigation to desired destination



Along with all of the features of the nuvi 2539 lmt it packs detailed maps of Europe and wireless connectivity using Bluetooth technology for hands free calling



Along with all of the feature of the nuvi 2539lmt is also provides voice assisted navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, voice assisted navigation allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while communicating with the device



Along with all of the feature of the nuvi 2539lmt this one packs voice activated navigation and bluetooth, voice activated navigation allows you to keep your hands on the wheel



This bundle packs drive 50lmt portable friction dashboard mount, useful driver alerts for your daily commute. Drive 50 GPS navigator provides driver alerts to encourage safe driving and increase situational awareness



Drive 60 usa lmt is a 6" GPS navigator comes preloaded with lifetime maps of the lower 49 US states and free lifetime traffic avoidance, plus driver alerts to increase situational awareness and encourage safer driving